Friday, June 7, 2013

Retail Coupons for stores IN REXBURG!

Looking to do a little retail shopping this weekend? Wanting to stay in town? Here's some of the best deals I've found around town! Go out and grab some new clothes! Or some sporting goods items from Big 5! Whatever you do - don't forget your coupons!

Here's some of my favorite items and their prices listed after the coupon! 

With 20% Off Coupon - $32.00

Home Essentials Insulated Rolling Cooler, Striped - Regular Price $40.00
On sale - $20.00
With 25% off coupon - $15.00

With 20% off coupon - $31.20

With Coupon - $7.49

And don't forget about our KIWI LOCO GIFT CERTIFICATE GIVEAWAY!!

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