Friday, May 17, 2013

Blisters Barbecue GIVEAWAY! $25 Gift Certificate!!

So my husband and I have recently come along a great little restaurant in Rexburg! It's called Blisters Barbecue and believe it or not, it's tucked away inside of a gas station. Forget about the gas station though, it's the best food we've had in a LONG time! My husband asks me at least once a week to go to Blisters - they have the best brisket sandwiches and extremely yummy fries!

Even better than there awesome food is FREE FOOD! So here it goes - our FIRST GIVEAWAY EVER! We are giving away a free 25$ gift certificate for anyone who shares and likes our Facebook Page, follows us on our blog or shares something from our blog on their Facebook Page! Whoever does this will be entered into a drawing to WIN this gift certificate! READY...GO!

Here's how to follow my blog!
Here's the link to our Facebook Page -


  1. This is such a cool giveaway! I'm having trouble figuring out how to follow your blog though haha.

  2. Haha I can't I made a tutorial on it! It's pretty easy but here's the link!

  3. Done and done! I love deals... ALMOST as much I love Blisters food!!